Please call us: 704-289-4855

5347 U.S. 74 Monroe, NC 28110

Skidmore Surveying, Inc

Skidmore Surveying, Inc. provides quality surveys to homeowners, contractors, builders and attorneys in North Carolina for over 17 years. We strive to provide our clients with the most cost effective surveys to meet your surveying needs. You can rest assure that we will completely understand the necessities of the survey and provide a thorough and timely survey to your complete satisfaction.

Our Services Include:

   Boundary Surveys
   Physical Surveys
   ALTA (American Land Title Association)
   Topographic Surveys
   Construction Stakeout Surveys

Reasons why you may need a survey:

   Before a title to land is conveyed.
   For the preparation of a subdivision.
   Before land is improved by constructing drives, fences, walls
      and buildings.
   Before land is partitioned by will or by court order.
   When a question arises as to the location of a boundary line
      between you and your neighbor.
      For more information...

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