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      Please call us: 704-289-4855

      5347 U.S. 74 Monroe, NC 28110

      About us / Contact

      Skidmore Surveying, Inc. specializes in performing residential boundary and physical surveys in Union, Mecklenburg, Cabarrus and Anson County, North Carolina. The firm has been in business for over 17 years.

      David Skidmore David Skidmore, PLS is the founder and President and oversees all aspects of the business. He has been surveying since 1985 and received his professional registration in 1996.

      His customer service approach is to provide the client with an honest explanation for why they may or may not need a survey of their land. He is dedicated to working with the client to understand their needs and to explain the necessities of the survey. David accomplishes this by having a firm knowledge of the fundamentals of surveying. He will custom tailor his scope of services in order to provide the client with the most cost effective survey for their needs.

      To discuss your surveying needs, please feel free to contact me at the address below:

      Email:    david@www.klkkw.cn